Don’t Miss Jeff Gundlach and Cathie Wood

Shed the Covid blues and see blockbuster speakers in sunny Florida at a breakout conference for advisors.

By Rethinking65

Publisher’s Note: One look at the Exchange conference and you’ll see that anyone whose anybody in the financial services business will be there in Miami Beach April 11-14. In particular, you can hear Jeffrey Gundlach at 10 am April 12 discuss his macro-economic view and outlook for the markets given today’s global challenges. At 4:55 pm the same day you can hear Cathie Wood explain what she thinks the future of asset management must look like to deliver real value. We think you’ll be surprised to see all of the other top-name speakers on the agenda.

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The Legendary Cathie Wood Will Deliver a Keynote at Exchange

By Evan Harp, ETF Trends

There’s not a person on the planet who represents what the future could be more than ARK Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood. With her strong views and innovative thinking, Wood has been dominating headlines for years.

Prior to founding ARK in January 2014, Wood had decades of investment, economic, and research experience at top asset managers, holding roles like CIO of global thematic strategies at AllianceBernstein and managing billions of assets across public and private funds.

In 2018, editors at Bloomberg acknowledged Wood by selecting her to its second annual Bloomberg 50 list of people across business, entertainment, finance, politics, technology, and science who have defined global business. In 2016, she received the “Women in Finance – Outstanding Contribution Award” from Markets Media.

When her flagship active ETF, the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK), gained over $9 billion in assets and returned +150% during 2019, Wood’s stellar performance and strong stock convictions reignited investors’ desire for active management and solidified her place as an industry visionary.

Following a recent bout of volatility, Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends, sat down with Wood to discuss how ARK Invest was approaching its portfolios during this market correction and ARK’s long-term outlook for its investment strategies. “We truly believe that that rubber band will snap and the performance will rebound. I’m not going to say, can’t hold me to any particular speed, but we think the undervaluation in the portfolio right now has reached an extreme I’ve never experienced in my career. I don’t think we’re missing anything. I really don’t,” she said.

Hear what Wood thinks the future of asset management must look like to deliver real value in her keynote address at Exchange: An ETF Experience this April, titled “The Power of Disruption: The New Way Forward for Asset Management.” This is one keynote you won’t want to miss!

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