Investment Value of Nature?

Hardheaded investors think nature has an intrinsic value that can provide them with a return down the road.

Court Rulings May Limit Crypto’s U.S. Growth

In two big cases, the SEC is arguing that at least 20 cryptocurrencies qualify as securities. Rulings could apply across all digital assets.

Morningstar, iCapital Partner to Bring Advisors Alt Investments

Morningstar has teamed up iCapital to provide financial advisors with access to alternative investments and analytics.

Wealthiest Families Spend Fortune Luring Professors to For-Profit Lab

Tech magnate Michael Dell, the heir to the Subway sandwich fortune and an owner of the Boston Celtics are among the backers.

U.N. Seeks Repayment of $63.6 Million Former Official Invested

He lost a vast amount of U.N. funds by entrusting them to a man he met at a party, according to court filings.

1962 Ferrari Brings $51.7 Million at Sotheby’s

It has become the most expensive automobile from that Italian carmaker ever sold at auction.

World’s Largest University Endowment Posts Small Gain

Returns from these schools are watched closely because they pioneered putting money into hedge and private equity funds.

Ackman’s SPARC a Departure from SPACs

Ackman's new investment vehicle differs from SPACs in at least six significant ways. Wall Street has soured on SPACs. Will SPARCs be different?

Investing in Shrek?

An investing platform is planning an IPO that is expected to deliver royalties to investors in music from the popular movie franchise Shrek.

FTC’s Suit Against PE Firm May Be Just The Beginning

The FTC is challenged the growing practice of private-equity firms backing companies that amass medical practices and dominate local markets.

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Which Cities Have the Longest and Shortest Commutes?

Taking the car is faster and more expensive than using public transit, the Coast study of 100 U.S. metro areas confirms.

Former Army Financial Counselor Guilty of Defrauding Service-Member Survivors

He manipulated members of at least two dozen Gold Star families into transferring $9.9 million of benefits into accounts he controlled.

What’s Up with U.S. Energy Shares?

U.S. energy shares have soared this year, roughly double the amount of the broader S&P 500 index. Here's why.

Thera Elliott joins Raymond James Financial Services

The Boca Raton-based independent advisor switches from Wells Fargo, where she managed $105M in client assets.

Schwab AUM Fees Up, Profit Down

Schwab had a difficult 2023, the most challenging year for the company since the internet bubble burst in 2000, according to CEO Walter Bettinger.

Vermont Seeks to Mandate Workplace Retirement Plans

Vermont is looking to partner with Colorado to jumpstart its new auto-IRA program for private-sector workers.

Charitable Contribution Tax Scheme Ends in 8-Year Prison Sentence

The scheme, "The Ultimate Tax Plan," purported to offer high-income clients a way to reduce their taxes through false charitable deductions.