Estate Planning

DNA Tests Reveal Close Family of Advisors, Clients

As newfound relatives become more common, family dynamics and estate plans shift. 

Nine Steps to Improve Disposition of Assets

Helping clients organize their estate plans — and lifting this burden — is another way to demonstrate your value. (by Bryce Sanders)

‘Unpaid Supports’ Thwart Planning for Special-Needs Families

They often get lost in "day-to-day survival” and need your help, says this financial advisor and special-needs mom.

Pitfalls of Leaving the Beach House to the Kids

Advisors say relatives may not want or be able to afford real estate bequeathed to them. Here are common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

U.S. Will Registry Reduces Probate Headaches and More

Once a decedent’s assets are distributed incorrectly, it’s usually too late to do anything about it.

Help Clients Avoid Probate

Married couples who establish a joint revocable trust can reap many benefits — including avoiding pandemic backlogs in probate. (By Matthew Guanci)

Roth Tax-Rate Comparisons Aren’t Enough 

Whether to invest in a Roth IRA should be based on several factors beyond current and future tax rates. (By Monica Dwyer)

Taking Pride in LGBTQ+ Planning

Video messaging helps this firm assure LBGTQ+ clients and prospects that it understands their unique planning needs.

Women Control Charitable Giving, Support Female Entrepreneurs

Women have dramatically increased philanthropic spending and investing in female entrepreneurs, says a UBS survey of 1,400 clients.

Helping the Newly Widowed

Consolidating IRAs could be a mistake if the deceased spouse was much younger than the surviving spouse, says this advisor.

Latest News

Collectors Clamor for Rare Queen Elizabeth Coins and Notes

Prices are already rising dramatically for coins featuring Queen Elizabeth's likeness and certain limited edition coins are in high demand.

15 B-Ds to Pay $1.1 billion for Business Texts on Personal Mobile Devices

The SEC charged the broker-dealer firms with violating recordkeeping provisions of the federal securities laws.

FTC Warns of More ‘Dark Patterns’ on Consumer Websites  

The use of these deceptive design practices is on the rise, says a new FTC report that shows what to watch out for.

Morgan Stanley to Pay $35 million, Settles SEC Charges

The SEC said a Morgan Stanley unit didn't protect customers' personal data. The result? A third party auctioned the information online.

Bridgewater’s Dalio Expects Stocks To Fall 20% If Rates Rise To 4.5%

The founder of one of the world's biggest hedge funds predicts a sharp plunge in stock markets as the Fed raises interest rates.

Despite Alts Losses, SALT Speakers Say Stick with Bets

Speakers at the SALT event urged investors to stick with their bets, arguing the downturn could become a money-making opportunity.