Estate Planning

Women Control Charitable Giving, Support Female Entrepreneurs

Women have dramatically increased philanthropic spending and investing in female entrepreneurs, says a UBS survey of 1,400 clients.

Helping the Newly Widowed

Consolidating IRAs could be a mistake if the deceased spouse was much younger than the surviving spouse, says this advisor.

Preventing the Horrors of Dying Without a Will

When there is no will in place, all hell tends to break loose. Three reasons may be why your clients have avoided establishing estate plans.

Costly Estate Planning Mistakes

These four oversights may not only be frustrating, but also expensive, for heirs, say J.P. Morgan wealth managers.

Who Said Anything About Dying? It’s ‘Financial Housecleaning’

Ten tips to help clients “put their affairs in order” from our columnist who lightens up this grim task. (By Bryce Sanders)

The Problems with Advisors Being Trustees

Trustees face many challenges, depending on how a trust works. Advisors face two additional risks. (By Dennis Channer and William C. Waller Jr.)

Older Clients Fear Kids Will Blow Inheritances

Help them protect beneficiaries from wasting their windfall or losing it to ex-spouses. (By Matthew Guanci)

Multimillion Real Estate Portfolio Presents Income, Inheritance Dilemma

Advisors help a couple determine how to diversify plus leave assets to children and charity.

Reduce Anxiety for Clients and Their Heirs  

Financial planner shares a personal story and four starting strategies. (By Lauren Gadkowski Lindsay)

Equalize Children’s Inheritances with Life Insurance

A trust named as beneficiary makes it easier to divide the pie when not all kids work in the family business. (By Matthew Guanci)

Latest News

Routine Kidney Screening Considered

Kidney experts estimates that 37 million people in the United States have kidney disease, but around 90% do not know they have it.

Bitcoin Pizza? Liquidity Lounge?

Crypto executives are at the Davos gathering seeking to encourage faster adoption of the technology, despite the crypto crash earlier in May.

FSI Continues to Challenge DOL on Independent Contractor Rule

The trade group pledges to defend advisors’ independent contractor status as DOL appeals judge’s decision that rule must stick.

Venture Capitalist Gives Stanford $1.1 Billion for Climate Change School

Stanford University is getting $1.1 billion, its largest gift ever, for a new climate change school.

New Medicare Enrollees May Get Faster Coverage

A proposed rule would eliminate delays faced by people who enroll in months after their 65th birthday.

U.S. Life-Expectancy Drop Exceeds Other High-Income Countries

But it's not just Covid causing a growing gap in life expectancy between the U.S. and other countries.