Monday, November 29, 2021

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Living Well With Alzheimer’s Disease

Advisors can change the conversation about Alzheimer's Disease when talking with their clients and highlight new resources.

Move South or Help Mom? Conflicting Goals Challenge Clients

Most people wish to do good things with their money, but may need help defining what they want to do and balancing conflicting goals. (By Howard Hook)

Do You Want to ‘Be Connected’ or ‘Be Right’ with Clients?

It’s not your advice, but whether clients feel satisfied, that matters to them, says this financial behavior specialist. (By Julia Kramer)  

Researcher: Medicare Advantage Plans Costing Billions More Than They Should

Private insurers that run Medicare Advantage plans have been accused of inflating patient risk scores to boost profits. (By Fred Schulte, KHN)

Male Caregivers Gain Recognition as Pandemic Highlights Vital Role  

An invisible army of 42 million women, men provide home care to their loved ones.(By Molly Prues)

Financially Empowering Widows

Widows often feel overwhelmed, frightened, angry and disconnected — like many of us have during the pandemic.(By Laura Mattia)

What Investors Should Understand about IPOs  

An individual’s risk profile matters more than their age when shopping for these volatile investments. (By Christopher Crawford)

2022 Retirement Strategies that Avoid Disaster

Here’s what we need to do as advisors to prepare intentional and proactive plans. (By Beau Henderson)

Understanding Neurodiversity Improves Planning for All

Instead of “firing” difficult clients, try improving how you communicate with them.(By Elizabeth Wolleben Yoder)

Why Retiring Now Is a Bad Idea

Clients planning to downsize or move abroad may be unaware of the true cost of such moves. (By Luis Strohmeier)

Purchasing an Annuity was My 42-Year Financial Mistake

A financial advisor describes an annuity disaster that began when he was 22 years old and is still not over decades later.

The Road to An RIA — and Something More

For this advisor, starting his own RIA was the only way to provide the kind of planning he believes clients need. Now he coaches other advisors, too.

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What You Lose When You Lump Clients in Categories

It's a surefire way to misguide clients and sabotage advisor-client relationships, among other things.

His Prognosis was Fatal but His Widow Became a Client for Life

Here are the most important steps that you need to take to ensure you build a long-lasting relationship. (by Laura Mattia)