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Cognitive Rehab May Help Older Adults Clear Covid-Related Brain Fog

Evidence shows seniors are more likely than younger people to experience cognitive challenges post-Covid.

Building a Portfolio for the Long Term

Constructing portfolios with less downside capture is critical to building long-term wealth, says this advisor and former NAPFA chair.

DAFs Can Trim the Capital Gains Tax Bite

Directly depositing appreciated stock into a donor-advised fund can also provide other tax savings.

Policy Could Let Hospitals Off the Hook

The Feds want a policy that advocates say would let hospitals get away with Covid-era lapses.

How Medicare Reforms Could Help U.S. Retirees Facing High Inflation

Congress is considering a proposal that would help control costs borne by retirees by containing prescription drug prices.

Age Discrimination in Workplace at Decade High  

The AARP Foundation finds nearly 80% of workers age 55+ have seen or experienced age bias; it’s pressing for tougher legislation.

Partner for More Impactful Retirement Plans  

Building relationships with retirement-plan professionals can help your client, their employees and your practice. (By Leonard Wright)

Help Clients Avoid Probate

Married couples who establish a joint revocable trust can reap many benefits — including avoiding pandemic backlogs in probate. (By Matthew Guanci)

Older Blacks Have Notable Emotional Strength  

They enjoy better emotional health than their White counterparts, new research shows.

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U.S. High-Yield Bond Funds Draw Cash As Recession Fears Ebb

U.S high-yield bond funds are attracting heavy investments, a turnaround from the selloffs of the first half of this year.

U.S. Renewables Investors See New Law Sparking Gold Rush

For the first time, investors seeking to pour cash into U.S. clean energy projects can count on at least a decade of generous tax credits.

‘I Love Lucy’ Used to Cheat Investors, Indictment Alleges

A federal grand jury has indicted a California businessman on charges he cheated investors with the Desilu name, made famous by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Proposal Comes Amid ‘Astounding Increase’ In Hedge Funds

The Securities and Exchange Commission wants hedge funds and other private-fund advisors to increase their disclosure.

Commonwealth Attracts $165M Advisory Specializing in Retirement

The group has been in business for 26 years and has $165 million in assets under management.

Florida Homeowners Facing Costlier, Scarcer Insurance

Hurricanes are not the primary reason that Florida homeowners currently paying the most expensive insurance premiums in the country.