Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Encourage ‘Solo Seniors’ to Stay Engaged with Social Groups

Older clients can be more at risk of isolation. You can help them stay connected. (By John Comer)

Social Media Best Practices for Advisors

Learn to leverage the major social media platforms to reach clients planning for retirement. (By Christopher Crawford)

Help Clients Retire Early With the Affordable Care Act

Tax credits from the ACA can help bridge the coverage gap before enrolling in Medicare. (By Scott Stratton)

How to Surprise and Delight Your Way to Business Growth

Studies show that customized marketing makes clients feel more appreciated and understood. Learn how to implement your own Surprise and Delight efforts.

Help Clients So Much More by Being Proactive Instead of Reactive

Talk with them now about how to anticipate challenges and improve their quality of life. (By Catherine M. Seeber)

Numbers-Loving Chemical Engineer Found her Midcareer Passion as a CFP

“I want people to be the hero of their plan, financial health, fitness,” she says.

‘Get Your Mess Kit in Order,’ Advisor Tells Military Clients

Veterans need to get a better handle on their military benefits, says this former U.S. Army lieutenant. (By Donald Mosby Rembert)

Five Ways Retirees and Pre-Retirees Are Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World

This advisor's clients have become more optimistic more generous and more proactive. (By Michelle Clary)

Coastal Flooding Is Putting Retirement Savings at Risk

The value of homes in some coastal areas have dropped. Owners of homes in high-end coastal areas face rising insurance premiums.

How Financial Advisors Can Equitize Their Employees 

There are multiple paths to equitization — here are some considerations. (By Christopher Toumajian)

Rainmaker, 70, Sold Her Planning Practice but Isn’t Slowing Down

“Mentally, I have a lot of energy and life experience that I want to share and give,” she says.

Lessons from Prince, Michael Jackson and Paul Mitchell

Several high profile cases offer some clues on how to avoid tax controversy in estate valuation.(By Jon Barooshian)

Latest News

Annuity Sales Up During Pandemic

Two categories were big winners.

The Five Best and Worst States for Health Care at 65+

A new analysis shows states with harsher winters tend to offer better quality health care for older adults. (By Michael LaPick)