Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Assisted Living ‘Light’ May Be A New Option

The assisted living industry has faced harsh criticism — whether deserved or not — over the last two years.

Don’t Assume Clients Know the 2022 Playbook

Reach out to remind them of changes regarding taxes, Social Security and more.

‘The Charges Seem Crazy’: Hospitals Impose a ‘Facility Fee’ — For a Video Visit

Medicare beneficiaries can access telehealth services more readily than pre-pandemic – but the price might shock.

Celebrities Contribute to 87-Year-Old’s Books on Life’s Benchmarks

In his latest of many second acts, Harlan Rector compiles a book series honoring positive actions and life-changing events.

Let’s Get Real About Life Insurance

“Calling it something it’s not and trying to hide the fact that it is life insurance cheapens and degrades it,” says our columnist. (By Andy Panko)

After ‘Truly Appalling’ Death Toll in Nursing Homes, California Rethinks Their Funding

California wants to tie funding to performance. The industry vows to fight this.

2021 Top Articles on Rethinking65

Stories on the ACA, inheritance dilemmas, how to charge clients, where to retire and interesting personalities were among our most popular.

77-Year-Old Advisor Says Teaching Background Helped Her Gain Clients

From French teacher to U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, 77-year-old RBC Wealth Management financial advisor’s varied skills have served her well over decades.

Advisor Divulges Secrets of Tampa Bay Living

Home prices have climbed but this Florida metro area still offers a relatively low cost of living and a high quality of life. (By Stacy Miller)

A Generation Gap Becomes a Selling Point for this Advisory Firm

A 67-year-old advisor has an epiphany: A partner nearly 30 years younger is an asset, not a liability. (By Eleanor O'Sullivan)

When Marijuana Use Helps Older Adults

The medicinal value of cannabis is increasingly recognized, but those who want to use it safely need to be their own sheriff.

Stranded by the Pandemic, He Had Only Travel Insurance. It Left Him With a $38,000 Bill.

Families can be liable for healthcare bills of elderly relatives visiting the U.S.

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EBRI Says Retirees Need to Save More for Healthcare

The increased savings required to cover rising healthcare costs hasn’t been this big in a decade.

Social Security Cheat Sheet

Financial advisor Devin Carroll has developed a "cheat sheet" for 2022 Social Security benefits. It is an easy reference for key provisions.