Monday, May 17, 2021

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Generate ‘Relationship Alpha’ By Teaming with Your Clients’ Tax Professionals

Six strategies for advisors to add value during and well beyond tax-filing season. (By Leslie Geller)

Trouble Managing Money May Be an Early Sign of Dementia

Advisors sit in a good seat to spot clients' early problems of dementia and help families craft new plans to protect assets. (By Michelle Andrews)

Advisor Helps Clients Get Ahead of President Biden’s Proposed Tax Hikes

Tax-loss harvesting, accelerating capital gains and conversations with estate planners are on his list.

How to Motivate Your Millennial Employees

Seven steps to get your younger colleagues — and you — more proactive. (By Breene Murphy)

Estate Planning for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Ensuring values and wishes are fully honored takes extra steps. (By Deborah Danger)

‘Interviewing’ Reveals Whether Clients Should Start Dream Business

Advisor saves one client from disaster, finds another well-prepared to launch. (By Michelle Rand)

Financial Literacy Is Her Passion — And Her Calling Card

This advisor has made it a centerpiece of her planning practice and has written a children’s book series to encourage it.

Why Subscription-Based Financial Planning Works

Everyone over 50 needs a financial plan, even if they don’t have $250,000 in investable assets. (By James Brewer)

‘I Learned to Keep it Simple, Stupid,’ says Advisor in Practice 45 Years

He also teaches younger advisors to show respect and be patient with older clients.

Mistakes in Five Areas Cause Big Tax Bills For Divorcing Clients

Older clients with more complex assets are at particular risk. (By Kathy Costas)

Ten Life Lessons from 49ers Legend Steve Young

The former quarterback, who now leads a private equity firm, describes what he’s learned and how he’s moving forward.

Are Your Clients and their Healthcare Agents on the Same Page?

Help them identify and reduce conflict now, before a true emergency. (By John Comer)

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Boomers Would Rather Have More Money Than More Free Time, Finds Survey

Nearly one-quarter of boomers say they’d use free time to develop a skill or turn a hobby into a side hustle. (By Ravi Kumar)

Business Owners Rushing to Retire, Survey Finds

Falling confidence and rising technology costs are driving early exits.