Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Retirees are the Sweet Spot for This 20-Something Advisor  

He finds most individuals enjoy working with a younger advisor, although there are some exceptions. (By Larry Pershing)

72-Year-Old CFP Retired Once and Doesn’t Plan to Again

The former food broker and health plan administrator's role model, his longtime CPA, worked into his late eighties.

Traveling Abroad? These Six Easy Tips May Guarantee Royal Treatment

As overseas travel resumes, dress well and bring chocolate, says this coach to advisors of HNW clients. (By Bryce Sanders)

2021 Child Tax Credit May Cause Client Confusion  

It can lead to underpayments or opportunities for retirement savings. (By John Gehri and Monica Dwyer)  

WTC Bombing Survivor Implores Advisors to Involve Spouses in Planning

Many WTC surviving wives knew nothing about their family’s finances. On 9/11’s 20th anniversary, the former TD manager asks advisors to help prevent that calamity. (By Greg Murphy)

What Happens When Couples Can’t Agree on Vaccinating Their Child?  

When unmarried couples must make these decisions, they can become particularly contentious. (By Lynette Paczkowski)

Five Tips for Closing the Military Spouse Retirement Gap

Female military spouses face unique challenges when saving for retirement, says this advisor and military wife. (By Stacy J. Miller)

Affluent Clients Benefit From Lifestyle Buckets

Here’s how to help your clients set them up and make spending decisions. (By Amanda Lott)

Is Asia a Good Bet for Older Investors?

Retirees should look to Asia, and China in particular, for growth and income, says this fund manager.

Retirees Turn Their Twilight Years into New Beginnings

For many, a hybrid approach offers the perfect balance between work and play. (By Chris Jennings)

Charity-Minded Clients May Not Know Their Alma Mater Needs Them

With enrollment and endowments shrinking, colleges need money today, says this CFP and college trustee.

Older Working Women are ‘Freaking Tired,’ says Advisor

She challenges you to connect with all your women clients for one week — their answers may surprise. (By Bonnie Sewell)

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Help Women Avoid the Drain of Excessive Healthcare Costs

You’ll be addressing one of their top concerns and providing a tremendous service, says this advisor.(By Kimberly Foss)

Have the Inflation Conversation with Clients Now

Calm their fears by explaining what’s expected and how they’ll get through it. (By Luis Strohmeier)