A Century of Wealth Creation for All

In 1924, MFS launched the U.S. first open-end mutual fund to give everyday investors access to the markets. One hundred years later, as a full-service global investment manager serving financial advisors, intermediaries and institutional clients, we celebrate a century of active management.

Tested and refined across market environments, our investing approach combines collective expertise, long-term discipline and thoughtful risk management to create value responsibly for clients. Supported by our culture of shared values and collaboration, our teams of diverse thinkers actively debate ideas and assess material risks to uncover what we believe are the best investment opportunities in the market.


Six Key Themes Impacting Markets and Economies

From AI to “reglobalization,” explore six key themes MFS experts believe will be critical to successful asset allocations.

Take the Worry out of Changing Interest Rates

Show clients how a bond portfolio might move in response to changes, up or down, in rates.

Fixed Income Investing and Economic Uncertainty

Soft or no landing? Time will tell, yet knowing how bonds behaved before, during and after prior recessions can inform allocation decisions.

Do Good Things Come to Those Who Wait? The Potential Benefits and Features of Working Longer

With the potential benefits of working longer, there are complex questions to consider. Share this piece with clients to help answer them.

Will Negative Stock-Bond Correlation Reverse?

Negative stock-bond correlations since 1998 were an anomaly versus history. See why we think correlations will revert and what to consider.

Either Stocks or Bonds Are Wrong

Real yields are too high or equity valuations are above fair value. Either way, the least fit businesses will fail and cede revenue and profit to the most fit.