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What Are Your Clients’ Money Stories?

Discovering the heart of financial therapy made me realize I was asking clients the wrong questions, — and what to ask instead.

Humor Can Make You A Better Workplace Leader, If You Use It Properly. Here’s How

Using humor, like sharing a funny anecdote at a meeting or giving a funny pep talk, can improve rapport with subordinates.

Pride Month Is a Great Time for Advisors to Become ‘Allies’

Pride Month celebrates and acknowledges the LGBTQ+ community. Will you join me in providing support? (By Laura J. LaTourette)

Are Clients Switching Advisors in Droves?

One financial research company thinks so. But after looking at the data, I’m skeptical.

Tech-Savvy Investors Still Need Human Advice: State Street

Self-advising and robo platforms aren’t enough, especially for Gen Xers, finds a newly released study.

Six-Step Checklist Helps Build Deeper Client Relationships

You are a financial advisor, not a social worker. Yet helping clients build social connections in retirement will show them you care. (By Dave Buck)

Garrett Planning Network Embraces Future Under New Ownership

A member-owned organization will build upon the advice-only planning services model pioneered by network founder Shery Garrett.

Layoffs Possible? Clients Need a ‘Plan B’

Having a career game plan has eased my tech clients’ transition to new roles and maintained their financial security. (By Bridget V. Grimes)

Garrett Planning Network, Revisited

A seasoned advisor comes out of retirement with a passion to bring GPN’s vision to the next generation. (By Eileen Freiburger)

How to Calm Election-Year Jitters

Don’t let politics — even in a presidential election year — influence long-term decisions, say financial advisors.

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Industry Snapshot Reveals Record Number of SEC-registered Investment Advisers

There were 15,396 SEC-registered advisers and 56.7 million asset management clients, according to the Investment Adviser Industry Snapshot

California Bans ‘Resort Fee’ and Other Hidden Charges

But other legislation would let restaurants charge a mandatory gratuity or other surcharge as long as it is displayed clearly on the menu.

Losing a Spouse Hits Most Women Hard Financially: Thrivent

Many widowed women had no financial conversations or plans in place before their spouse died, Thrivent's new survey finds.

Schwab Survey Finds Increased Opportunities for Advisors

Americans are most likely to seek financial guidance from an advisor, and three-quarters avoid social media influencers, the survey reveals.

The Sky’s the Limit for CEO Pay

Companies now must disclose how much CEO stock holdings increase when the market rises.

Advisors Boost Allocation to Private Markets as Client Interest Grows

Over half the investment advisors surveyed by Hamilton Lane plan to allocate 10%+ of clients’ portfolios to private markets this year.

Virginia Leads in Personal income, West Virginia is Last: WalletHub

A new WalletHub report lets you see how your state ranks in personal income for the top 5%, bottom 20%, and total population.