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WalletHub Release 2023 Best and Worst States to Retire

The ranking looked at 47 metrics related to affordability, quality of life and health care.

As France Moves to Delay Retirement, Older Workers Are in a Quandary

Millions of older job seekers want to work, but find themselves shut out of the labor market before they reach the official retirement age.

‘Bucket List Living’: Not for Retirement Only

These financial-planning strategies can help clients start living their best life today.

Non-Compete Clauses Are Banned In FTC Proposed Rule

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule that would ban companies from requiring workers to sign noncompete provisions.

Coming Soon: The 60-Year Career  

With more people living to 100, employers and employees must become more flexible.

A Golf Holiday Fast-tracks a ‘Retirement Odyssey’

Our columnist contemplates her home of the future amid the unknown challenges of aging and climate change. (By Bonnie Sewell)

Are Your Older Clients Looking for Work?

A part-time job in a restaurant should be on the menu. Restaurants need seniors to save their businesses, says this consultant.

Half of Women are Behind in Saving for Retirement, Study Finds

Competing responsibilities often hinder their savings efforts and the majority retire before they plan to, reports Goldman Sachs.

Commonwealth Targets $1 Trillion in AUM

CEO Wayne Bloom stressed the independent broker-dealer's commitment to its advisors and following a well-managed growth strategy.

Keeping Elite Status With Airlines, Hotels Is Going to Cost You

Heading into 2023, many programs are reverting to pre-pandemic requirements — and that means many people may find themselves without perks.

Life After Career: What Successful Men Need to Know

Keeping an open mind and thinking back to a lifetime of past transitions you’ve conquered may help a lot. (By Michael Kay)

Who Is Doing Your Financial Planning?

The psychological impact of an advisor carrying the planning burden for their own family can be very real and can change relationships.

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Veterans of 2011 U.S. Debt-Ceiling Fight See Tougher Battle Ahead

A showdown is coming that threatens to throw the global economy into turmoil.

U.S. Signs Record Number for Obamacare

More than 16 million Americans signed up for 2023, a jump of more than 12% over 2022 and the highest since the ACA was signed 13 years ago.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Trust Disputed

Her mother, Priscilla Presley, wants a 2016 amendment deemed invalid that would result in Lisa Marie's daughter Riley becoming trustee.

Why Inflation Might Be Harder on Rural Clients

The problem with the U.S. inflation rate is that ignores a sizable chunk of the country — rural America, say two researchers.

U.S. States Challenge Biden Rule on ESG Investing

A coalition of 25 U.S. states filed a lawsuit seeking to strike down a Biden administration rule allowing retirement plans to consider ESG factors.

One Product Powers Annuity Sales to New Records

Total annuity sales surged to $310.6 billion last year, a 22% increase from 2021 results and 17% higher than the record set in 2008.