Fixed Income

Bond Market Outlook 2024: Partly Sunny

After some tough years, the bond market has many fundamentals in its favor, portfolio managers and other observers say.

Advisors Say Bond Market Has More Mileage Ahead

Fixed income should continue to treat retirees well, after a long famine, despite Fed’s plans to cut interest rates, say financial advisors.

Wall Street’s ‘Bond Vigilantes’ Are at Battle as U.S. Debt Soars

The debate over public debt is as fierce as ever. And it echoes, in some ways, an earlier time — when the term “bond vigilantes” first emerged.

Bond Allocations Get Trickier in Volatile Market

Like 2023, in 2024 higher yields can still benefit fixed income investors. Here’s what to consider. (By Christopher Baccella)

Cash-Rich Clients Look to Come Off Sidelines

Total money market fund assets hit a record $5.9 trillion on Dec. 6, but there are indications the tide may be turning.

Not Since the 1970s

That’s how long it’s been since the bond market has turned in such a dismal performance, notes a State Street executive.

Are Higher Rates Slowing the Economy? A Zoo Offers Clues

This zoo's experience is one example of a story playing out across the country among businesses navigating inflation.

An $84 Trillion Opportunity

An Allspring executive explains why tax-advantaged investing will be paramount as a multigenerational transfer of wealth unfolds.

SEC Scrutinizing Wells Fargo’s Cash Sweep Feature for Advisory Clients

Wells Fargo offers three cash sweep options, which allow investment advisory clients to earn a return on uninvested cash balances.

Schwab Strategist Bullish on Bonds

Fixed-income strategist Kathy Jones says bonds present an opportunity for clients that they haven’t had in at least 15 years.

Latest News

Commonwealth Attracts Another Holistic Firm

An advisory firm with nearly $384 million in assets under management has left Lincoln Investment to join Commonwealth Financial Network.

Intermediaries Seek More Female Financial Professionals

More than 4 in 10 have or plan to establish programs to support and recruit more women, Limra research shows.

The SEC’s Problem with Crypto ETFs

Asset managers are lining up to list a second wave of crypto ETFs, but SEC Chair Gary Gensler remains a crypto critic.

More Retirees are ‘Unretiring,’ Survey Reveals

Advisors say near-retirees and retirees are much less prepared for retirement than they think they are, according to Allspring.

Advisors Dabbling in DC Market Seek Greater Support: Cerulli

Providing them with tools, education and guidance would help them grow their retirement-plan businesses, says Cerulli Associates.

Executives Traveling on Corporate Jets Face IRS Scrutiny

Do you have executive clients who might be using a corporate jet for personal use? Tell them the IRS has announced a crackdown.

U.S. Solo Renters Age 50+ Way Up

The number living alone rose by more than half a million, but there’s been a growing trend of older people living with roommates.