As Insurers Bleed Cash From Climate Shocks, Homeowners Lose

Formerly limited to states like Florida and California, climate change-caused insurance turmoil is a contagion spreading across the country.

Indexed Life Insurance: An Underutilized Savings Vehicle

An indexed universal life insurance (IUL) policy can be part of a long-term financial plan for investors with realistic expectations. (By Howard Sharfman)

He Fell Ill on a Cruise. They Handed Him a Bill Before He Boarded the Rescue Boat

The cruise line expected the passenger to immediately pay the full $2,500 medical bill iand doesn't accept "land-based" health insurance.

The Cost of Car Insurance Rose More Than 22% Through April to $1,280

Premiums are expected to keep rising as insurers look to make up for years of lost price hikes during the pandemic.

FSA vs. HSA: What to Know About the Accounts That Pay Medical Costs

Participants forfeited an average of $441 in use-it-or-lose-it FSA accounts, while high-deductible HSA accounts mainly benefit the wealthy.

Sign Here? Financial Agreements May Leave Doctors in the Driver’s Seat

Transgender man who dip into his retirement savings to pay for top surgery fight an unexpected bill despite receiving preauthorization.

Nearly 1 in 4 Adults Dumped From Medicaid Are Now Uninsured

Another 28% who lost their coverage found other insurance, some of them through Medicare, according to the same new KFF study.

Soaring Car Insurance Costs Hit New-Car Buyers

In one of the cruel twists of an inflation-weary U.S. economy, car prices are coming down — but insurance on them is going way up.

Insurers Report Rising Hail Damage Claims

Insurers are reporting bigger hail losses. In 2023, State Farm paid 27,300 claims for hail damage to homes and businesses.

Lawsuits Over Baltimore Bridge Collapse Likely, Though Limited

Legal experts explain why it’ll be difficult for the city of Baltimore and impacted businesses to recover economic damages.

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Prominent Silicon Valley Investors Turn Against Biden

Support for Trump was taboo in the liberal bastion, but frustration with Biden has driven some influential venture capitalists to the right.

Self-directed Brokerage Accounts Continue Growth Spurt

Balances in advisor-led Schwab Personal Choice Retirement accounts maintain a strong lead over non-advised accounts.

Tuesday More Investment Transactions May Fail

U.S. trading moves to a shorter settlement on Tuesday, but it is expected to temporarily increase transaction failure for investors.

State Street Global Advisors Adds SPDR Portfolio Treasury ETF to lineup

Priced at 3 basis points, the new offering provides broad treasury exposure to customize bond portfolios.

Commonwealth Increases Alternative Market Access With iCapital Platform

The new system is targeted to high-net-worth investors but will be expanded to serve individuals of other wealth classes.

2024 ETF Insights for Financial Advisors

The use of active ETFs and model portfolios is rising, according to a Brown Brothers Harriman report.

Elvis’ Granddaughter Sues to Block Sale of Graceland, Charging Fraud

She says an investment and lending company is making fraudulent claims about Lisa Marie Presley and wants to auction off Graceland.