Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Retirement High-Rise Safety in Focus After Surfside

The Surfside condo tragedy in Florida signals the need to guide clients in getting vital safety information.

Financial Scammers Snare Millions of Unsuspecting Seniors

Senators and financial advisors step up scam-protection efforts.

Santa Fe Offers Retirees Culture and Sunshine

Born and bred in England, this advisor who’s made Santa Fe her home for 20+ years highlights its appeal for retirees.

Help Retiring Military Clients Transition to Civilian Life

New veterans often need guidance getting their cash flow, insurance and investments in order. (By Stacy J. Miller)

At 83, This Coach to Financial Advisors Shares Perspective, Wisdom and Motivation

Reading, writing, thinking, listening and 150 crunches a day are just part of his weekday routine, he says.

13 Life Lessons For Our Readers

From family to career and global issues, this coach/consultant for financial advisors covers all bases with wisdom and wit.

Don’t Let Clients Go Broke Covering Their Divorce Expenses

In any divorce, the “B” word — budget — should be used early and often. (By Kathy Costas)

Advisors’ Favorite Books on the Second Half of Life

Six well-known financial advisors recommend these books on the topic.

Leaving a 401(k) to Charity: What Advisors Need to Know

With proper planning, donating a 401(k) can maximize the benefit to a charity and accrue tax savings for your client's family.

When Wealthy Clients Can’t Get a Typical Mortgage

Affluent investors may be able to get financing through a privately funded non-qualified mortgage. (By John Lynch and John Keratsis)

Latest News

Advisors Warm Up To Annuities

A new survey suggests that a growing number of financial advisors will consider annuities that are low cost and less complex.

Private Foundations Increase Giving During Pandemic

A new report shows an uptick in grantmaking during a year marked by COVID-19 and racial justice issues.

RBC Wealth Management-U.S. Appoints Culture Executive

RBC has named Shareen Luze, a 15-year veteran of the firm, as Head of Culture and Field Experience.

Americans Aren’t Getting Enough Social Security Advice

Many financial professionals aren’t advising clients on the best time to file for benefits, a Nationwide survey says.