Female Clients

Domestic Financial Abuse is Domestic Violence

Non-monied as well as high-earning partners can be victims of financial abuse. Learn to spot the signs and assist.

Advising Women in Transition

These five principles and five action points can help you put female clients in transition on the best path for the rest of their lives. (By Kimberly Foss)

Widowed Before 40 and Coping With the Financial Consequences

The unexpected death of a spouse, brings complex financial decisions: how to handle mortgage payments, loans, leases and credit card debts.

Single Women’s Unique Planning Needs

Though often more tuned into their finances than married women, their concerns about the future loom large.

4 Ways to Avoid Getting Fired by Female Clients

Attracting and retaining female clients is critical for wealth-management growth, say two financial planning experts.

Women’s Most Overlooked Issue

The health-wealth bond threatens the financial well-being of women of all ages and they need your help.

Surprising Outcome of Parents Involved with Adult Children

Two new Pew Research Center surveys of young adults 18 to 34 and of parents of children that age show how relationships have changed.

Widows and Divorcees Aren’t the Only Female Clients Who Need You

Women could use help navigating all or any combination of these seven life cycles. Here is some guidance. (Cary Carbonaro)

Will New Widows Fire or Hire You?

Addressing her needs, fears and and changing tax status can help you build lasting relationships with widows in transition. (By Kathleen M. Rehl)

Saving for Retirement on Part-Time Pay

Women often find themselves in this position. One financial advisor shows how she helped such a client save more for retirement.

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Balances in advisor-led Schwab Personal Choice Retirement accounts maintain a strong lead over non-advised accounts.

Tuesday More Investment Transactions May Fail

U.S. trading moves to a shorter settlement on Tuesday, but it is expected to temporarily increase transaction failure for investors.

State Street Global Advisors Adds SPDR Portfolio Treasury ETF to lineup

Priced at 3 basis points, the new offering provides broad treasury exposure to customize bond portfolios.

Commonwealth Increases Alternative Market Access With iCapital Platform

The new system is targeted to high-net-worth investors but will be expanded to serve individuals of other wealth classes.

2024 ETF Insights for Financial Advisors

The use of active ETFs and model portfolios is rising, according to a Brown Brothers Harriman report.

Elvis’ Granddaughter Sues to Block Sale of Graceland, Charging Fraud

She says an investment and lending company is making fraudulent claims about Lisa Marie Presley and wants to auction off Graceland.