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What Financial Advisors Should Know: Fixed Annuities and Consumer Literacy

This study shows that consumers are looking for a way to address outliving their retirement assets. Here is what they wish advisors would tell them.

How Total Wealth Advisors Differentiate with Estate Planning and Insurance

They deepen relationships and retain assets across generations. Here's how you can do it.

Help Clients Understand Tax Deferral

This client-friendly video explains the benefits of tax deferral, and describes the differences between a tax-deferred investment and one that is taxed each year. Sponsored...

Longevity Conversations: Why Start Now?

What does “life longevity” mean for your clients? Read more.

Outsourcing Investment Management to Elevate Your Business

Outsourcing investment management may help you save time. Ask yourself these questions to determine if it's a good move for you.

7 Ways to Give High-Net-Worth Clients What They Need

Recruiting and keeping HNW clients involves a special set of skills and solutions. Here's what they tend to look for from advisors.

How to Navigate Risk in Client Relationships

Four scenarios can happen with clients that constitute risks to your firm. Here's what you can do to alleviate them.

Buying Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate Investors?

As more attractive entry points become available, it pays to understand opportunistic private real estate investing.

The Keys to Help Women Build Retirement Strategies

An Athene marketing and communications expert shares insight on how to change the conversation to better help women with their unique retirement challenges.

This Retirement Income Planning Tool Never Gets Old

This simple, commonsense approach gets clients focused on two kinds of spending and two types of income so they better understand planning.

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401(k) Loans Surge While Emergency Savings Dwindle

A new T. Rowe Price study has raised alarms about rising 401(k) loans and a dip in emergency savings.

JPMorgan To Pay $75M To Settles Epstein Suit

Most of the money is to go to charities supporting sex-crime victims and to help law enforcement fight sex trafficking and other crimes.

More Americans Eyeing Post-Retirement Employment

More than half of all Americans — including 64% of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers — are open to work after retiring from an employer and would consider working indefinitely.

Renting More Cost-Effective than Buying in Most Major U.S. Metros

A new report shows there are only three U.S. metro markets left where buying a starter home is more cost effective than renting one.

W. P. Carey Spins Off Office Assets, Setting Strategy for 2024 Exit

It will spin off a majority of its office assets into a new publicly traded REIT as the office real estate market continues to struggle.

5 Advisors Recognized for Good Works

Five financial advisors were recognized for their outstanding community contributions at the 17th annual Invest in Others Awards Gala.

Judge Rules Muni-Bond Class Action Goes Forward Against 8 Banks

A U.S. federal judge said American cities may pursue class-action claims accusing eight large banks of driving up interest rates they paid on a popular municipal bond.