Sunday, June 13, 2021

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How to Surprise and Delight Your Way to Business Growth

Studies show that customized marketing makes clients feel more appreciated and understood. Learn how to implement your own Surprise and Delight efforts.

How Longevity Affects Your Income in Retirement

Meet Shirley. How can an advisor help make her retirement nest egg last until 105?

Clients Seeking More Liquidity During COVID-19?

A reverse mortgage may be the answer.

The Largest Opportunity Ever for Financial Advisors

WealthConductor LLC takes on the challenge of helping advisors build income plans for millions of retiring baby boomers.

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Annuity Sales Up During Pandemic

Two categories were big winners.

The Five Best and Worst States for Health Care at 65+

A new analysis shows states with harsher winters tend to offer better quality health care for older adults. (By Michael LaPick)

74-Year-Old Scuba-Diving Advisor has No Plans to Retire

His adopted motto: “Run like hell and then drop dead.”

Advisors Leave Retirees Asset Rich, Advice Poor

A new report says advisors are missing out on revenue by not adequately serving retirees.