Selecting DAF Sponsors for Seniors: 12 Considerations

Donor-advised funds are not all created equal. Help clients select one that best suits their goals.

The $6 Million Client Needs Your Advice Now on Estate Taxes

Even if Congress doesn’t let the $12.9 million estate-tax exemption lapse in 2026, clients should get their gifting in order today.(By Ilene Slatko)

Question Roth Conversions for Clients Charitably Inclined

Considering tax consequences can help clients leave more to charities and their children. (By Scott Stratton)

When Donors and Their Children Have Different Charitable Goals

Planning ahead can eliminate surprises and bad blood — and make the biggest charitable impact.

Connect with Older Clients During the Holidays

Personalizing your approach, depending on how they plan to spend the holidays, can help deepen client relationships.

Where There’s a Will, There Can Be a War

Unequal inheritances can destroy family ties. Parents who explain their thinking may minimize sibling fighting.

Charitable Giving Remains Robust Despite Investor Fears

Don’t skip those philanthropic conversations; they’re a win for your clients, their charities’ beneficiaries and you.

Can a Special-Needs Child Live Forever at Home?

Don’t make an assumption, make a plan. It’s a big asset and the child often needs support to continue living there.(By Kristin Carleton)  

With Rates Rising, Now May Be the Time for Intra-family Loans 

Clients considering a loan to a family member may want to implement one before the IRS raises rates higher.

DNA Tests Reveal Close Family of Advisors, Clients

As newfound relatives become more common, family dynamics and estate plans shift. 

As State Institutions Close, Families of Longtime Residents Face Agonizing Choices

They're worried about safety and loss of community for loved ones with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities.

Nine Steps to Improve Disposition of Assets

Helping clients organize their estate plans — and lifting this burden — is another way to demonstrate your value. (by Bryce Sanders)

Latest News

Gensler: SEC Needs 12% Increase to Stop ‘Bad Actors’

As the frequency of stock trades and volume of privately managed assets have soared, so has misconduct, said the SEC chair.

Analysts: Office Loans May Strain Small Lenders

The CRE market faces headwinds that could hobble small banks. Large metro areas are most at risk from current conditions.

DOL Must Create Retirement Plan Lost and Found

One of the many provisions of Secure Act 2.0 is for the DOL to create a "lost and found" for retirement accounts.

New EP Wealth Scholarship Honors Trailblazing Advisor

The Ballou/EP Wealth scholarship program will support underrepresented groups pursuing CFP certification.

Nationwide: Most Women Think Recession Is Here or Imminent

Close to two-thirds of women believe the United States is in a financial crisis or approaching one, says a Nationwide survey.

Gender Parity Will Take More Than 5 Generations: WEF

An index on women's financial health compiled by Ellevest shows that women in the United States are in their worst financial shape since 2018.