Monday, May 17, 2021


Advisor Helps Clients Get Ahead of President Biden’s Proposed Tax Hikes

Tax-loss harvesting, accelerating capital gains and conversations with estate planners are on his list.

Ten Life Lessons from 49ers Legend Steve Young

The former quarterback, who now leads a private equity firm, describes what he’s learned and how he’s moving forward.

Helping Adult Children Pay Off Student Loans

Receiving some of their inheritance now could be a lot more helpful to your clients’ kids. (By Beth V. Walker)

A 529 Plan Curveball

When a plan owner becomes incapacitated, transferring the account is not automatic or easy, an advisor learns. (By Beth V. Walker)

Boomers and Greatest Generation Drive Surge in Charitable Giving

Although the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing recession have made the past year one of the most difficult for most Americans, their generosity has never...

Your Clients Could Be Getting a Jump Start

The 2020 Consolidated Appropriations Act extends juicy tax breaks for businesses and older adults. (By Sandra O'Neill)

Plan Ahead for Potential Estate and Gift Tax Changes

The extraordinary events of 2020 effectively hand affluent clients a bonus year to minimize their taxable estates by retooling their gifting.

Eight Reasons Why Older Clients Like Donor-Advised Funds

They’re simple to use and make it easy for advisors and clients to start charitable conversations early. (By Ken Nopar)

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Boomers Would Rather Have More Money Than More Free Time, Finds Survey

Nearly one-quarter of boomers say they’d use free time to develop a skill or turn a hobby into a side hustle. (By Ravi Kumar)

Gerontologist Says More People Need Advisors Involved in Long-Term-Care Decisions

Start long-term-care conversations early so you’re not scrambling to help clients raise cash. (by Molly Prues)

Going Back to School Won’t Lead to a Better Job for the Pickleball Crowd

Clients in their 50s may fair better with a side hustle instead of another diploma. (By Beth V. Walker)

Generate ‘Relationship Alpha’ By Teaming with Your Clients’ Tax Professionals

Six strategies for advisors to add value during and well beyond tax-filing season. (By Leslie Geller)