QLACs Take Bite out of Retirement Distributions

These annuity contracts can address longevity, income stability and inflation for some clients. (By Marguerita Cheng)

Secure 2.0 Holds Lots of Benefits for Clients  

Rule changes for retirement savings, RMDs, 529 plans and charitable contributions will help people stash more money and delay spending it.

The Truth About the IRS’s New Funding

Contrary to what you may have heard, the agency’s $80 billion budget increase is not for financing an auditing army. (By Mallon FitzPatrick and Alicia Denton)

Top Books Advisors Can Give to Their Peers

These time-tested books deserve space on their desks or your own, say our participants.  

Higher Taxes Likely as Gridlock Continues

More activity is expected at the state than national level, says our columnist in his post midterm roundup. (By John Gehri)

Charitable Giving Remains Robust Despite Investor Fears

Don’t skip those philanthropic conversations; they’re a win for your clients, their charities’ beneficiaries and you.

How the Midterm Elections May Shift Tax Policy

As Americans prepare to head to the polls, our columnist spells out tax changes that could result depending on who is elected. (By John Gehri)

Top Retirement Destination Scores High on Housing, Healthcare

This well-known ranking of 10 best places to retire holds some surprises.

Kotlikoff: Gen Z Set Up For Debt By Their Parents

The well-known professor and economist says Gen Zers need to take steps now to take charge of their own — and their parents' — financial futures.

Inflation’s Effect on 2023 Paychecks

Even if your clients get a sizable raise next year, they won’t necessarily take home more money. Here’s a preview of what is changing.

Tax-Loss Harvesting: It’s Not Too Early

The markets and interest-rate environment are ripe for this strategy and there’s no need to wait until-year end. (By Christopher Baccella)

Tax-Free Social Security Would Help Middle-Class Clients

The pending legislation is the second effort in less than a year to remove Social Security income from federal taxation.

Latest News

One Product Powers Annuity Sales to New Records

Total annuity sales surged to $310.6 billion last year, a 22% increase from 2021 results and 17% higher than the record set in 2008.

Wealth Taxes Have Unexpected Consequences

A new paper finds they encourage companies to raise dividends so executives have the funds to cover wealth taxes.

Advisor Clients More Nervous About Financial Futures, Survey Finds

They are more likely to say they will continue to work and are less confident about their financial futures, a Nationwide survey finds.

WalletHub Release 2023 Best and Worst States to Retire

The ranking looked at 47 metrics related to affordability, quality of life and health care.

Heard of Magna, Utah? Clients’ Kids Might Want to Buy a Home There

A new ranking identifies the best markets for first-time home buyers.

Real Estate Sector Expected to Outperform

According to a new report, one sector of real estate is continuing to break records despite rising interest rates.