Investors Pull Billions From Sustainable Funds Amid Political Heat

All in all, it was the “worst calendar year on record,” wrote Alyssa Stankiewicz, Morningstar’s director of sustainability research.

Controversial Biden ESG Rule Stands

A Biden administration rule that allows employee retirement plans to consider ESG issues when investing has survived a legal challenge.

The ESG Conversations You Need to Prepare For

Regardless of your opinions on ESG, it has staying power. Here’s how to discuss it intelligently with clients.

Is Investing in Climate Change Worth It?

It'll be a 'bumpy ride’ but the economic tailwinds are compelling, says the co-founder of a climate-focused investing platform. ‘It’s going to be a bumpy ride’ but the economic tailwinds are compelling, says the co-founder of a climate-focused investing platform.

Climate Initiatives Take Beating This Year

There are many reasons, but the political backlash against ESG wasn’t one of them.

Larry Fink’s Bet on Saudi Oil Money Is Also His Latest ESG Woe

Lately, BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink has been forced to defend — and even de-emphasize — his stance on ESG investing.

Green Banks Tackle Affordable Housing and Climate Change Crises

The nation's two-dozen green banks are beginning to make it easier for private investors to support a variety of projects.

BlackRock’s Fink Says He’s Stopped Using ‘Weaponised’ Term ESG

BlackRock has lost about $4 billion in managed assets as a result of backlash against ESG but isn't changing its stance on those investments.

Jordan Subpoenas Documents From Climate Groups

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan says well-known sustainability nonprofit Ceres "appears to facilitate collusion" among asset managers.

Warren Buffett Refuses Progressive Orthodoxy. Why?

Warren Buffett is dismissive of social governance warriors seeking to hijack the corporate mission. Now he's a target of them.

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Advisors Dabbling in DC Market Seek Greater Support: Cerulli

Providing them with tools, education and guidance would help them grow their retirement-plan businesses, says Cerulli Associates.

Executives Traveling on Corporate Jets Face IRS Scrutiny

Do you have executive clients who might be using a corporate jet for personal use? Tell them the IRS has announced a crackdown.

U.S. Solo Renters Age 50+ Way Up

The number living alone rose by more than half a million, but there’s been a growing trend of older people living with roommates.

SEC Settles Charges Against Former Advisor

The former advisor, Andrew Komarow, was known in the industry for working with special needs families and neurodivergent clients.

SEC Fines TIAA Unit $2.2M for Violating Reg BI

The SEC said a TIAA broker-dealer charged some retail customers too much to invest in mutual-fund choices in an IRA.

Even Millionaires Flunk Retirement 101: Study

The American College of Financial Services plans to use its new research to help advisors improve client conversations.

Congressmen Want SALT Cap Doubled — Temporarily

The cap on state and local tax deductions (SALT) would be doubled — at least temporarily — if a group of Congressmen get their way.