What Financial Advisors Should Know: Fixed Annuities and Consumer Literacy

MassMutual’s fixed annuity buyer study shows that consumers are looking for a way to address outliving their retirement assets. Here is what they wish advisors would tell them.

Annuities Boast Record Sales in First Half

But sales of some kinds of annuity products are doing a lot better than others.

Help Clients Understand Tax Deferral

This client-friendly video explains the benefits of tax deferral, and describes the differences between a tax-deferred investment and one that is taxed each year. Sponsored...

Retirees with Advisors Have More Monthly Income Than Those Who Don’t

Their income is nearly twice as much as what the average retiree has, says a new Schroders’ study on U.S. retirement issues.

Why Life Insurance Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Many life insurance policies now include living benefits such as LTC and disability coverage.

Retirement Uncertainty Increases Interest in Annuities, Industry Study Finds

But investment advisors underestimate their clients’ interest in a guaranteed source of retirement income.

Another Record-breaking Quarter for Annuities

First-quarter sales were up nearly 50%, and one kind of annuity led the way, reported LIMRA.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Recalling black swans and keeping many irons in the fire have helped him survive financially for 40-plus years. (By Peter Neuwirth)

Coming Soon: More Annuities in 401(k) Plans

LIMRA predicts the in-plan annuity market will grow exponentially over the next two years.

The Keys to Help Women Build Retirement Strategies

An Athene marketing and communications expert shares insight on how to change the conversation to better help women with their unique retirement challenges.

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Employees of the former Bed Bath & Beyond sued the investment committee, saying its "imprudence” caused them to suffer millions in losses.

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Embrace AI, Don’t Regulate It, SEC Commissioner Urges

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‘Late Cycle’ Good for Healthcare Stocks, Says Morgan Stanley

Its strategists noted the S&P 500 health sector has underperformed but it has qualities that position it for growth.