Wednesday, January 19, 2022



ESG: Build Relationships With Older Clients & Their Children

Theresa Gusman, CIO of First Affirmative Financial Network, says ESG has gone from "nice to have" to "must have." She explains how to bring sustainable investing to life for clients.

Care Options for Aging Clients and Their Adult Children

Annalee Kruger, founder of Care Right Inc., talks about the challenges of family caregiving and how to develop an aging plan.

Financial Wellness: The New Frontier in Wealth Management

Keena Pettijohn, CEO & founder of Lifelogixs, explains how to use technology to complement financial planning and promote financial wellness.

3 Story Ideas that Are Yours for the Taking

Video can be a powerful communication tool with clients. See examples of three different types of videos — and learn how you can create them.

How to Identify and Market to Millennial Children

David Leo, a coach to financial advisors, explains why it's important to start marketing to the millennial children of your clients.

Empower Women Investors

Jill Slomski, founder of Niche Team LLC, explains how to empowering women investors and triple your business.

Latest News

EBRI Says Retirees Need to Save More for Healthcare

The increased savings required to cover rising healthcare costs hasn’t been this big in a decade.

Social Security Cheat Sheet

Financial advisor Devin Carroll has developed a "cheat sheet" for 2022 Social Security benefits. It is an easy reference for key provisions.

Higher Mortality, Lower Quality at PE-Owned Nursing Homes, Studies Say

Nursing homes owned by private equity firms and large chains have higher mortality rates and lower quality, according to recent research.

Keep Older Guests Safe During the Holidays  

Medical expert offers suggestions on how to reduce COVID-19 risks during this season's social gatherings.