Financial Planning with the Fire Drill Stress Test

How can you add value for that year-five client? Brian Leitner, head of Mariner Platform Solutions, has some ideas.  

AUM is Just a Number: Adding Concierge Client Services

Michael Nathanson discusses why and how The Colony Group created a platform with a growing suite of life-enrichment services for clients.

Succeeding in a Male-Dominated Industry

The thrill of a new career turned to disappointment when Robin Long hit a roadblock familiar to many women in the workforce.

Wells Fargo Strategist: Healthcare Stocks in 2022

Wells Fargo strategist expects healthcare to do well in 2022.

ESG: Build Relationships With Older Clients & Their Children

Theresa Gusman, CIO of First Affirmative Financial Network, says ESG has gone from "nice to have" to "must have." She explains how to bring sustainable investing to life for clients.

Care Options for Aging Clients and Their Adult Children

Annalee Kruger, founder of Care Right Inc., talks about the challenges of family caregiving and how to develop an aging plan.

Financial Wellness: The New Frontier in Wealth Management

Keena Pettijohn, CEO & founder of Lifelogixs, explains how to use technology to complement financial planning and promote financial wellness.

3 Story Ideas that Are Yours for the Taking

Video can be a powerful communication tool with clients. See examples of three different types of videos — and learn how you can create them.

How to Identify and Market to Millennial Children

David Leo, a coach to financial advisors, explains why it's important to start marketing to the millennial children of your clients.

Empower Women Investors

Jill Slomski, founder of Niche Team LLC, explains how to empowering women investors and triple your business.

Latest News

Routine Kidney Screening Considered

Kidney experts estimates that 37 million people in the United States have kidney disease, but around 90% do not know they have it.

Bitcoin Pizza? Liquidity Lounge?

Crypto executives are at the Davos gathering seeking to encourage faster adoption of the technology, despite the crypto crash earlier in May.

FSI Continues to Challenge DOL on Independent Contractor Rule

The trade group pledges to defend advisors’ independent contractor status as DOL appeals judge’s decision that rule must stick.

Venture Capitalist Gives Stanford $1.1 Billion for Climate Change School

Stanford University is getting $1.1 billion, its largest gift ever, for a new climate change school.

New Medicare Enrollees May Get Faster Coverage

A proposed rule would eliminate delays faced by people who enroll in months after their 65th birthday.

U.S. Life-Expectancy Drop Exceeds Other High-Income Countries

But it's not just Covid causing a growing gap in life expectancy between the U.S. and other countries.