4 Reasons to Invest in Private Commercial Real Estate

John Norris, Director of Private Wealth for CrowdStreet Advisors, explains several ways CRE may potentially strengthen portfolios.

Why Are Fixed Annuities Breaking Sales Records?

Fixed annuities keep breaking sales records. A new MassMutual study sheds light on the topic. (Sponsored)

Uncertainty and the Cost of Waiting

It's risky to park client money in a six-month CD betting that interest rates will rise, says Matt DiGangi of MassMutual. He offers a different strategy. (Sponsored)

60/40 Portfolio: Perfect Storm for Retirees, Part 3

Other strategies may prove better for retirees than a 60/40 portfolio.

60/40 Portfolio: Perfect Storm for Retirees, Part 2

The 60/40 portfolio failed retirees in 2022, especially those who recently retired.

60/40 Portfolio: Perfect Storm for Retirees, Part 1

Help retirees avoid sequence-of-returns risk by thinking beyond the 60/40 portfolio.

Advantages of Opportunity Zones

John Norris, Director of Private Wealth for CrowdStreet Advisors, introduces opportunity zone funds as a way for advisors to help clients with large capital gains get attractive tax benefits by reinvesting them in real estate.

Options for Private Commercial Real Estate Investing

John Norris, Director of Private Wealth for CrowdStreet Advisors, explains how advisors can access the private market side of commercial real estate investing.

Divorce: What Your Clients Need, Part 3

In this final episode, divorce expert Kathy Costas explains financial advisors can help clients going through the process by setting expectations and monitoring the budget.

Divorce: What Clients Need, Part 2

Help clients avoid these common mistakes that can result in a more contentious, expensive process, says advisor and divorce expert Kathy Costas. To view...

Divorce: What Clients Need, Part 1

Kathy Costas, financial advisor and divorce expert, says a bulldog attorney is not what your clients need. Instead, look for this trait in a lawyer.

Marriage and Financial Advisors

Financial advisor Bonnie A. Sewell explains why a couple should have a through financial discussion with an advisor before they get married.

Latest News

Gensler: SEC Needs 12% Increase to Stop ‘Bad Actors’

As the frequency of stock trades and volume of privately managed assets have soared, so has misconduct, said the SEC chair.

Analysts: Office Loans May Strain Small Lenders

The CRE market faces headwinds that could hobble small banks. Large metro areas are most at risk from current conditions.

DOL Must Create Retirement Plan Lost and Found

One of the many provisions of Secure Act 2.0 is for the DOL to create a "lost and found" for retirement accounts.

New EP Wealth Scholarship Honors Trailblazing Advisor

The Ballou/EP Wealth scholarship program will support underrepresented groups pursuing CFP certification.

Nationwide: Most Women Think Recession Is Here or Imminent

Close to two-thirds of women believe the United States is in a financial crisis or approaching one, says a Nationwide survey.

Gender Parity Will Take More Than 5 Generations: WEF

An index on women's financial health compiled by Ellevest shows that women in the United States are in their worst financial shape since 2018.