The Fastest-Growing Metro Area is For Seniors

How a landlocked swampland in Florida became an amenity-rich development that fosters independent living.

Advisor, 75, Spent His First Act in Theater

Shakespeare was his first love; now his love for advising keeps him from retiring.

Pandemic Continues to Disrupt Cancer Screenings  

The likelihood of developing cancer increases greatly with age. The best treatment is prevention.

How To Minimize Financial Frustration of Surviving Spouses

“Death is inevitable, so why not plan for it?” says our columnist on the eve of International Widows' Day.  (Vy Beau Henderson)

Paul McCartney at 80: What We Can Learn

The former Beatle is rocking in a new decade with purpose and a healthy perspective on aging that advisors and clients can aspire to.

What Will You Do When Your Clients Get Dementia?

When dementia strikes, advisors can help protect clients without prematurely robbing them of their independence.

What Americans With Disabilities Need in Retirement

The aging challenges they confront reinforce society’s larger failures for the U.S.’s aging population.

Happiness Is the Result of a Life Lived with Purpose

For people who like their work, pushing them to retire may do them mental or physical harm, suggests this advisor.

Advisors Can Help ‘Sandwich Generation’ Avoid Burn Out

The number of adult children facing incredible stress from helping their parents is about to explode. (By Kimberly Foss)

Consultant Parlays Widowhood Shock Into ‘Second Act’

She launched a death consulting business after she navigated her way past her husband's massive heart attack.

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Government Watchdogs Attack Medicare Advantage

Witnesses cited audits and other reports that show these increasingly popular private plans deny care and overcharge.

Self-Driving Cars Won’t Arrive Soon In Clients’ Neighborhoods

The journey toward autonomous or self-driving consumer cars has arguably come to a screeching halt.

BofA: More Pain Likely for Equities Despite Rout

"Capitulation has been in credit and crypto, not stocks," BofA Securities analysts said. "This is why we worry equity lows (are) not yet in."

UBS: Richest Families Invest in Private Equity Amid Volatile Markets

The report is widely watched by the investment community as it shines a light into the investing habits of these billionaire investors.

Dimon Says Brace for U.S. Economic ‘Hurricane’ Due to Inflation

“We just don't know if it's a minor one or Superstorm Sandy," Jamie Dimon told attendees at a recent banking conference.

Advisor Prospects Should Be More Numerous Based on U.S. Data

U.S. households reported their highest level of financial well-being since tracking began, a Federal Reserve report released in May showed.