Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Jerilyn Klein


No One Wants to Have to Ask Their Children for Money

This could motivate an older spouse to finally join the wealth conversation.

Why Your Clients (and You) Can Be More Optimistic About Growing Older

There's been increased focus on trying to live well with purpose in the second half of life — and you can help spread the news.

82-Year-Old Advisor: What Keeps Him Working

Retirement isn’t such a great thing for most people, he says.

Fast-Tracking Retirement

COVID-19 prompted some of this advisor’s clients to consider retiring sooner; she showed them they could.

Advisor Helps Nurses Plan for Healthier Retirements

Many nurses really need someone to help them assess their financial health and get them on track for retirement.

Advisor Helps ‘Industrial Arts Entrepreneurs’ Create Wealth

These skilled trades professionals often fail to draft blueprints for their retirement years.

Go-Go? Slow-Go? No-Go? Prepare Clients From the Get-Go!

Advisor educates clients on the phases of retirement before they begin their journey.

A Boon for Clients with Disabled Children, Even Adult Ones

Many don’t know $100,000 can be saved outside of trusts without jeopardizing federal benefits.

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