Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Jerilyn Klein


Financial Scammers Snare Millions of Unsuspecting Seniors

Senators and financial advisors step up scam-protection efforts.

At 83, This Coach to Financial Advisors Shares Perspective, Wisdom and Motivation

Reading, writing, thinking, listening and 150 crunches a day are just part of his weekday routine, he says.

13 Life Lessons For Our Readers

From family to career and global issues, this coach/consultant for financial advisors covers all bases with wisdom and wit.

Experts Square Off on Whether U.S. Has a ‘Retirement Crisis’

But in testimony before Congress, they agreed Americans need better access to retirement plans.

SEC May Require More Climate Change Disclosure by Next Year

“Greener” investments could be less risky for retirees, say some asset managers.

Numbers-Loving Chemical Engineer Found her Midcareer Passion as a CFP

“I want people to be the hero of their plan, financial health, fitness,” she says.

Rainmaker, 70, Sold Her Planning Practice but Isn’t Slowing Down

“Mentally, I have a lot of energy and life experience that I want to share and give,” she says.

Advisor, 73, Takes Longevity Test; Plans To Work Another 25 Years

This jack-of-all trades advisor was told he will live to 98, and he plans to make the most of it.

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