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POAs and Cognitive Decline: Tips for Contingency Planning

Financial advisors have various tools to help clients address cognitive decline before it’s too late.

Connecting with Your Next Generation Retiree Clients about Long-Term Care Planning

The MIT AgeLab and MassMutual are collaborating to understand retirees' perceptions, language, emotions, and interests related to funding long-term care.

Building a Private Real Estate Investment Ladder

Some strategies for staggering CD investments are useful in building a "vintage-year" diversification program for private real estate.

As Gen X and Boomer Clients Age, They Confront Living Alone

More Americans are living alone, including 36% of those 50 and over. The trend, driven by many factors, affects financial planning.

How Banks and Private Equity Cash In When Patients Can’t Pay Their Medical Bills

Patient financing, a confusing multibillion-dollar business, can leave some people with even greater debt.

Meet Your New Office Assistant: A Robot

This company has done extensive research to make sure its robots look, move and behave in a way that makes employees feel comfortable.

Charitable Giving Remains Robust Despite Investor Fears

Don’t skip those philanthropic conversations; they’re a win for your clients, their charities’ beneficiaries and you.

Outdated Tech is Costing Advisors Clients and Prospects

The firm with a new study on this topic answers our questions on how advisors can more proactively approach technology.

Laura: What Do Clients Really Want in Retirement?

The social worker-turned-advisor and CEO of the Retirement Coaches Association aims to find out with his new tool.

Identify Clients’ Core Values for Longevity Planning

Bypassing this discussion, as many advisors do, can makes financial planning goals hit or miss, say the authors of a new book.

Making Music Empowers Seniors

Being in a band, or even just listening to music, boosts physical and mental wellbeing.

New $35 Cap on Insulin Hard to Find

Medicare is giving insulin users extra time to change plans because it’s difficult to spot those offering this lower out-of-pocket monthly cost.

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BofA: Recession May Force Fed Rate Cut in 2023

A slowdown in rate hikes would tamp down 10-year Treasury yields and some of the volatility that has plagued investors this year, BofA says.

DOL Reverses Trump on ESG Investments in Retirement Plans

The rule makes it easier for plans to offer socially responsible investments, but traditional financial factors must be considered.

SEC Charges Goldman Didn’t Follow ESG Policies

The SEC fined Goldman Sachs Asset Management $4 million for not following ESG policies and procedures.

Hedge Fund Challenges Envestnet

The hedge fund has criticized the board for ballooning costs and authorizing rich paydays for management and board members.

Older investors Still Seeking Guidance From Advisors

A survey of investors 50 and over who consult advisors on wealth management shows what’s top of mind.

Cancer Diagnoses Lag After Screenings Fall During Pandemic

Although Americans are getting back to a normal way of life, they still appear to be avoiding the healthcare system, new research finds.