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Longevity Conversations: Why Start Now?

What does “life longevity” mean for your clients? Read more.

Outsourcing Investment Management to Elevate Your Business

Outsourcing investment management may help you save time. Ask yourself these questions to determine if it's a good move for you.

How Total Wealth Advisors Differentiate with Estate Planning and Insurance

They deepen relationships and retain assets across generations. Here's how you can do it.

Live Like a Super-ager, Anywhere

The author of the “Blue Zones” books and Netflix docuseries discusses why people in select communities live longer, disability-free.

Social Security Overpays Billions to People, Many on Disability. Then It Demands the Money Back.

This can destroy the already precarious financial situation of disabled beneficiaries and leave their family members scrambling.

Advisor Helps His Granddaughters Become Independent Women

From accounting and cash flow, tips to essays by Maslow, Dale Carnegie and others, he’s covering all bases.

Funyuns and Flu Shots? Gas Station Company Ventures Into Urgent Care

State healthcare rules, insurance payment rates, and existing health system locations will all factor into where the new clinics are located.

What Maui’s Wildfire Refugees Need from Advisors

The director of pro bono services for FPA-SF shares what she has learned from helping people plan after California wildfires and other disasters.

Biden Administration Proposes New Standards to Boost Nursing Home Staffing

At least one registered nurse would have to be on duty at all times under the proposed plan, up from only eight consecutive hours per day now.

She Paid Her Husband’s Hospital Bill. A Year After His Death, They Wanted More Money.

Her experience highlights the lack of laws and standards around how long providers have to bill — and review bills — for medical services.

Differentiation: A Necessary Effort?

What you need to know about differentiating your advisory practice before you get started or step up your efforts. (By David Leo)

Who’s Trying to Steal Your Clients?

I recently attended the competition’s prospecting event incognito to see how they’re trying to lure pre-retirees and retirees. (By Bonnie Sewell)

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More Americans Eyeing Post-Retirement Employment

More than half of all Americans — including 64% of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers — are open to work after retiring from an employer and would consider working indefinitely.

Renting More Cost-Effective than Buying in Most Major U.S. Metros

Recent data reveals a shift in the U.S. housing market, with renting now surpassing buying in affordability in all but three of the country's...

W. P. Carey Spins Off Office Assets, Setting Strategy for 2024 Exit

It will spin off a majority of its office assets into a new publicly traded REIT as the office real estate market continues to struggle.

5 Advisors Recognized for Good Works

Five financial advisors were recognized for their outstanding community contributions at the 17th annual Invest in Others Awards Gala.

Judge Rules Muni-Bond Class Action Goes Forward Against 8 Banks

A U.S. federal judge said American cities may pursue class-action claims accusing eight large banks of driving up interest rates they paid on a popular municipal bond.

High-Profile $2B Advisor Team Joins J.P. Morgan Private Bank

The team, previously affiliated with Citi Private Bank, oversees more than $2 billion in client assets.