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Rethinking65 Announced as Official Media Partner for SHIFT Conference 2024

The conference is renowned for its focus on holistic, human-first financial advice and is a pivotal gathering for industry professionals.

Outsourcing Investment Management to Elevate Your Business

Outsourcing investment management may help you save time. Ask yourself these questions to determine if it's a good move for you.

Change With the Times or be Left Behind — Here’s How

Advisors need to develop ways to be more consultative with clients and lessen their financial stress.

5 Steps to Safeguard Your Client’s Estate

An estate-planning attorney discusses how to avoid probate, reduce taxes and protect assets from nursing homes.

‘Sandwich’ Clients Need a Problem-Solver

Advisors can build trust by helping clients and their parents navigate the inevitable choices that come with getting older. (By Bryce Sanders)

In Fight Over Medicare Payments, the Hospital Lobby Shows Its Strength

It argues legislation aimed to cut hospitals' Medicare payments, putting it on par with what other facilities get, disregards patient safety.

Navigating the Paradox of Retirement

For many retirees, an abundance of free time and a shortage of structure are a recipe for disappointment. (By Marianne Oehser)

Money in College Savings Accounts Can Now Go Toward Retirement

Secure 2.0 allows up to $35,000 in a 529 account to be rolled over to a Roth individual retirement account, but a lot of rules apply.

Is a Master’s in Financial Planning the Right Fit?

More universities are offering master’s degrees in financial planning, but the programs vary widely in what and who they teach.  

Patients See First Savings From Biden’s Drug Price Push

Pharma is lining up its lawyers as savings — in the tens of thousands for some patients — kick in from reforms.

Tax Planning for Special-Needs Families

Inherited IRAs can be a valuable planning tool for these clients if they know the rules they must follow. (By Kristin Carleton)

Dementia Planning May Slow Rate of Decline

Dismissing early warning signs of dementia and failing to anticipate needs can hurt every member of the family. (By Molly Prues)

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Commonwealth Attracts Another Holistic Firm

An advisory firm with nearly $384 million in assets under management has left Lincoln Investment to join Commonwealth Financial Network.

Intermediaries Seek More Female Financial Professionals

More than 4 in 10 have or plan to establish programs to support and recruit more women, Limra research shows.

The SEC’s Problem with Crypto ETFs

Asset managers are lining up to list a second wave of crypto ETFs, but SEC Chair Gary Gensler remains a crypto critic.

More Retirees are ‘Unretiring,’ Survey Reveals

Advisors say near-retirees and retirees are much less prepared for retirement than they think they are, according to Allspring.

Advisors Dabbling in DC Market Seek Greater Support: Cerulli

Providing them with tools, education and guidance would help them grow their retirement-plan businesses, says Cerulli Associates.

Executives Traveling on Corporate Jets Face IRS Scrutiny

Do you have executive clients who might be using a corporate jet for personal use? Tell them the IRS has announced a crackdown.