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Divorce: What Your Clients Need, Part 3

In this final episode, divorce expert Kathy Costas explains financial advisors can help clients going through the process by setting expectations and monitoring the budget.

Divorce: What Clients Need, Part 2

Help clients avoid these common mistakes that can result in a more contentious, expensive process, says advisor and divorce expert Kathy Costas. To view...

Divorce: What Clients Need, Part 1

Kathy Costas, financial advisor and divorce expert, says a bulldog attorney is not what your clients need. Instead, look for this trait in a lawyer.

Bankman-Fried: A Warrior Against Artificial Intelligence?

Many like Bankman-Fried who embrace "effective altruism" believe AI could eventually destroy the world or damage humanity.

Student-Loan Borrowers Remain in Limbo

With student loan forgiveness on shaky ground, families need clarity and some confidence boosters. (By Beth V. Walker)