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Active Funds That Consistently Beat the Market? Not One of 2,132

A new study of actively managed mutual funds by S&P Dow Jones Indices asked that question and came up with a startling result.

Mitigating Inflation Risk for Federal Retirees

Retirees covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System may not get adequate cost of living adjustments. (By Ilene Slatko)

Higher Taxes Likely as Gridlock Continues

More activity is expected at the state than national level, says our columnist in his post midterm roundup. (By John Gehri)

Paulina Porizkova on Betrayal, Grief and New Beginnings

The 57-year-old model and widow of The Cars' Ric Ocasek discusses her new book, her financial mistakes, and her hope to find her purpose in life.

When Donors and Their Children Have Different Charitable Goals

Planning ahead can eliminate surprises and bad blood — and make the biggest charitable impact.

Six Steps to Jumpstart Business in 2023

Taking the time now to anticipate clients’ needs can boost their loyalty and help put you on track for a strong new year. (By Bryce Sanders)