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Advisors Help Clients Navigate the Frozen Housing Market

High interest rates and low inventory are causing problems for clients, but advisors note that, historically speaking, mortgages are not all that pricey.

With Offices Sitting Empty, Landlords Are ‘Handing Back the Keys’

Some of the biggest names in commercial real estate, like Brookfield and Blackstone, have defaulted on mortgages

Why Doctors and Pharmacists Are in Revolt

They are being asked to do more as staffing dwindles, leading to exhaustion and anxiety about putting patients at risk.

Now Is the Last Chance to Donate

Clients being hit up with year-end charitable appeals may not realize there are many strategic ways to be generous. (By Ken Nopar)

Dalio: Inside the House of Horrors

Ray Dalio committed atrocities worse than imagined at the world’s largest hedge fund, according to the new book “The Fund.”

Industry Groups Oppose New Advisor Best Practices Rule

FSI and others say Nasaa’s rule proposal is confusing and could negatively impact Main Street investors.