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4 Reasons to Invest in Private Commercial Real Estate

John Norris, Director of Private Wealth for CrowdStreet Advisors, explains several ways CRE may potentially strengthen portfolios.

Dementia Care: Seeking a Better Solution  

A senior-living expert describes his successful care model that will be the basis of an innovative dementia-care village. (By Larry Carlson)

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Helping clients succeed, not obsessing over AUM, is their North Star and brass ring.

‘Orphan Drug’ Program Leaves Patients’ Pocketbooks At Risk

As a legal battle continues, advocates include a 91-year-old whose drug for a rare muscle disease runs $375,000 a year.

Analysts: Office Loans May Strain Small Lenders

The CRE market faces headwinds that could hobble small banks. Large metro areas are most at risk from current conditions.

Murdoch’s Marriage Plans Reminds Us of Double Standard

A closer look provides insight into the kind of ageism that your accomplished female clients may face when they are over 50.