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Study Reveals Insight into Affluent American Investors’ Mindsets

Key findings of the study include a noticeable decrease in financial security among affluent Americans.

Medicare Advantage Increasingly Popular With Seniors — But Not Hospitals and Doctors

Some providers refuse to accept it, coverage can be more limited and studies show it costs taxpayers more than traditional Medicare.

Did ETF Investors Profit from Hamas Attack?

A U.S. professor stands by his research showing there was a spike in short selling of an Israel ETF leading up to the attacks. The Tel Aviv exchange says the research is inaccurate.

The Season for 529 Gifting

With gifting on everyone’s mind, now is a great time to discuss 529 plans with clients. Plus a new federal law provides a major incentive for grandparents.

Relocating Retirees May Not Get the Tax Breaks They Expect

Show them the entire tax picture in the state where they plan to move — and make sure you can still be their trusted advisor. (By Kimberly Foss)

Siblings Fight Over Estate of Mother Whose Land Yielded a T. Rex Skeleton

The mother got $8 million for a fossilized skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex named Sue found on her property.

When You Call Social Security, Expect to Wait Even Longer

Social Security has been grappling with a customer service mess that threatens to grow worse before it gets better.

Ex-Wells Fargo CEO Sues Bank For $34 Million In Withheld Pay, Stock

The former CEO says the bank canceled stock awards and withheld a bonus he had earned before stepping down.

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