Connect with Older Clients During the Holidays

Personalizing your approach, depending on how they plan to spend the holidays, can help deepen client relationships.

Identify Clients’ Core Values for Longevity Planning

Bypassing this discussion, as many advisors do, can makes financial planning goals hit or miss, say the authors of a new book.

The Golden Rule for Working Successfully with Older Women

By 2030, women in the U.S. will control $30 trillion — and the majority — of the nation's assets. (By Ilene Slatko)

Millions of Family Caregivers Are At Risk

Advisors can help reduce some of the stress and financial strain that clients caring for loved ones face. (By Molly Prues)

Why Clients Need Individual Bonds Today

“Bond mutual funds and ETFs may take years to recover, and may not until interest rates drop,” says our columnist. (By Stephen Craffen)

Maximize Your Digital Marketing Efforts by Recycling Your Content

How to maintain a steady flow of interesting, inviting and relevant content without sacrificing time with clients. (By Gretchen Halpin)

Can a Special-Needs Child Live Forever at Home?

Don’t make an assumption, make a plan. It’s a big asset and the child often needs support to continue living there.(By Kristin Carleton)  

Client Testimonials Are No Longer Taboo

It’s time to put them in your marketing plan: The SEC says it’s OK and very few advisors are using them. (By Laura Garfield)

Life After Career: What Successful Men Need to Know

Keeping an open mind and thinking back to a lifetime of past transitions you’ve conquered may help a lot. (By Michael Kay)

How the Midterm Elections May Shift Tax Policy

As Americans prepare to head to the polls, our columnist spells out tax changes that could result depending on who is elected. (By John Gehri)

Understanding — and Working With — Target-Date Funds

Examine what’s under the hood and then integrate them into a client’s  overall investment plan. (By Richard B. Freeman)

Four Strategies for Using Liquid Alts in Market Downturns

The 60/40 portfolio has failed investors this year. Here’s how you can find additional diversification.

Latest News

DOL Reverses Trump on ESG Investments in Retirement Plans

The rule makes it easier for plans to offer socially responsible investments, but traditional financial factors must be considered.

SEC Charges Goldman Didn’t Follow ESG Policies

The SEC fined Goldman Sachs Asset Management $4 million for not following ESG policies and procedures.

Hedge Fund Challenges Envestnet

The hedge fund has criticized the board for ballooning costs and authorizing rich paydays for management and board members.

Older investors Still Seeking Guidance From Advisors

A survey of investors 50 and over who consult advisors on wealth management shows what’s top of mind.

Cancer Diagnoses Lag After Screenings Fall During Pandemic

Although Americans are getting back to a normal way of life, they still appear to be avoiding the healthcare system, new research finds.

Most People Underestimate Healthcare Costs, Study Says

The Lifetime of Healthcare Costs study also found that four out of five respondents do not have savings to cover medical emergencies.