Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Become Your Client’s Longevity Manager

As your clients near retirement, expand your centers of influence so you can provide more than financial advice. (By Mike Lynch)

Housing Market Makes Divorce Clients Wonder: Should They Sell?

Sky-high real estate prices add another factor to the analysis financial advisors do. (By Amanda J. Shuman)

Advisor Untangles Multigenerational Planning

Five steps help clients build legacy plans that benefit future generations. (By Luis Strohmeier)

Bill-Paying and Budgeting Services Protect Clients From Abuse

Daily money managers help clients with dementia manage financial affairs. (By Paula Canaday-Daeke)

Overcome Biases Young Advisors May Have About ‘Old’ People

They can hurt relationships with your best clients and prospects, says this gerontologist. (By Molly Prues)

Clients Moving Out of State Can Face Estate-Plan Snafus

Help them find a local attorney to ensure documents comply with state laws.(By Deborah Danger)

Three Strategies to Overcome a Practice Plateau

Use growing pains and frustrations as a springboard for greater success. (By Julia Carlson)

Back to School: Retiring to a College Town

University-based retirement communities could be a compelling option for active seniors.(By Beth V. Walker)

Reverse Mortgage Loans Can Reduce Tax Obligations

Here are a number of surprising ways they can empower homeowners. (By Bonny Gilbert)

Start Marketing to Clients’ Millennial Children Today

Develop a relationship and they’ll be more likely to let you manage their inheritance. (By David Leo)

Latest News

Advisors Warm Up To Annuities

A new survey suggests that a growing number of financial advisors will consider annuities that are low cost and less complex.

Private Foundations Increase Giving During Pandemic

A new report shows an uptick in grantmaking during a year marked by COVID-19 and racial justice issues.

RBC Wealth Management-U.S. Appoints Culture Executive

RBC has named Shareen Luze, a 15-year veteran of the firm, as Head of Culture and Field Experience.

Americans Aren’t Getting Enough Social Security Advice

Many financial professionals aren’t advising clients on the best time to file for benefits, a Nationwide survey says.