Wednesday, January 19, 2022


When Does a Divorcing Client Need a Forensic Accountant?

Maybe not as often as their attorneys think. Here’s a look at when it may or may not be beneficial. (By Kathy Costas)

Video Compliance Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

This Raymond James advisor was fearful because of past experience but sailed through after learning the rules. (By Laura Garfield)

A ‘Transition Ninja’ Contemplates His Own Retirement

Helping clients and other men plan their next acts didn’t prepare this financial planner for the emotions of selling his own RIA firm. (By Michael Kay)

Let’s Get Real About Life Insurance

“Calling it something it’s not and trying to hide the fact that it is life insurance cheapens and degrades it,” says our columnist. (By Andy Panko)

Creating a Retirement-Ready Nation

State programs with auto enrollment are key to alleviating the retirement savings crisis. (By Amie Agamata)

Advisor Divulges Secrets of Tampa Bay Living

Home prices have climbed but this Florida metro area still offers a relatively low cost of living and a high quality of life. (By Stacy Miller)

Prepare Widows for Their ‘New Normal’ and New Relationships

Advisors often fail to ask widowed clients about new relationships and discuss potential remarriage and cohabitation. (By Laura Mattia)

Why I Became a ‘Modern Elder’ and Why You Should, Too

An advisor learning to guide clients to the 100-year-life is eager to share his newly-acquired wisdom. (By Bradley Jenson)

Enjoy an Elegant Picnic This Holiday Season

Whether traveling by car or plane, here’s now to do it in style, says this coach to advisors of HNW clients. (By Bryce Sanders)

Walk a Widow Through Major Financial Decisions

Even if she's investment savvy she may not understand all the nuances of revamping her finances as a single person. (By Laura Mattia)

Latest News

EBRI Says Retirees Need to Save More for Healthcare

The increased savings required to cover rising healthcare costs hasn’t been this big in a decade.

Social Security Cheat Sheet

Financial advisor Devin Carroll has developed a "cheat sheet" for 2022 Social Security benefits. It is an easy reference for key provisions.

Higher Mortality, Lower Quality at PE-Owned Nursing Homes, Studies Say

Nursing homes owned by private equity firms and large chains have higher mortality rates and lower quality, according to recent research.

Keep Older Guests Safe During the Holidays  

Medical expert offers suggestions on how to reduce COVID-19 risks during this season's social gatherings.