Monday, November 29, 2021
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Retiring to Las Vegas May Require a Jackpot Win

Even with a $1M nest egg, it could be challenging to find an updated house in an attractive neighborhood.

Getting to Know Economist Laurence Kotlikoff

A Boston University professor, he has a lot to say about personal finance, especially problems with Social Security.

Economist Says Couple Can Add $1.6M To Retirement

Retirement is the subject of a new book, “Money Magic,” by a Boston University economics professor.

Wealthy Business Owners Want Out, Junior Wants In

The pandemic has had a much bigger impact on succession planning than this multi-family office anticipated.

Millennials Need Not Apply

This 74-year-old advisor says his firm focuses on high-end clients; big companies can more efficiently offer low-fee options.

72-Year-Old Physician-Turned-CFP Still Provides Medical Care

Twice a week, he treats teens suffering minor ailments at a juvenile detention center’s clinic.   

72-Year-Old CFP Retired Once and Doesn’t Plan to Again

The former food broker and health plan administrator's role model, his longtime CPA, worked into his late eighties.

UCLA Experts Worry About Schools Spreading COVID-19

Public health officials should approach the COVID-19 vaccine-resistant ”with understanding and compassion,” said one doctor.

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