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Six-Step Checklist Helps Build Deeper Client Relationships

You are a financial advisor, not a social worker. Yet helping clients build social connections in retirement will show them you care. (By Dave Buck)

Help Clients Identify Their ‘Lifestyle Annuity’ First

Different annuities can be suited to your client’s lifestyle, but asking the right questions is key to finding the right investment. (By Dave Buck)

Help Clients Break Bad Retirement Habits

The story of a retiree who can’t seem to slow down illustrates how advisors can ease clients into a more rewarding post-career lifestyle. (By Dave Buck)

‘Outsourcing Retirement’ Eases Burden for Clients

Helping clients identify tasks that can be automated or delegated can free them up to focus on what matters to them. (By Dave Buck)

Help Retired Clients Become SLACK-ers

This acronym could be just the antidote for retirees who need goals and motivation to launch their best next chapter. (By Dave Buck)

Do You Have Enough ‘Retirement Empathy’?

Encouraging clients to discuss their post-retirement fears can deepen your relationship and motivate them to take action. (By Dave Buck)

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