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Prepare Widows for Their ‘New Normal’ and New Relationships

Advisors often fail to ask widowed clients about new relationships and discuss potential remarriage and cohabitation. (By Laura Mattia)

Walk a Widow Through Major Financial Decisions

Even if she's investment savvy she may not understand all the nuances of revamping her finances as a single person. (By Laura Mattia)

A Grieving Widow’s Inaction Can Sabotage Her Financial Future

Encourage and help her with filing life insurance claims, making smart Social Security decisions, and sorting her assets into buckets.(By Laura Mattia)

Be a Grieving Widow’s Gatekeeper and Navigator

Creating a screen and a multi-stage roadmap can help protect her from bad decisions and bad actors. (By Laura Mattia)

His Prognosis was Fatal but His Widow Became a Client for Life

Here are the most important steps that you need to take to ensure you build a long-lasting relationship. (by Laura Mattia)

Financially Empowering Widows

Widows often feel overwhelmed, frightened, angry and disconnected — like many of us have during the pandemic.(By Laura Mattia)

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