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How Much Are Your Services Worth?

There’s value in financial advisory services; just don’t pretend it's measurable, says our columnist. (By Andy Panko)

The Argument Against AUM Fees, Part 3

Advisor Andy Panko discusses other fee models that financial advisors should consider to provide the best service to clients.

The Argument Against AUM Fees, Part 2

Financial advisors themselves lose out in a number of ways by using an AUM fee to charge clients, argues advisor Andy Panko.

The Argument Against AUM Fees, No. 1

Advisor Andy Panko makes the case why financial advisors are doing disservices to clients when they charge fees based on assets under management.

Advisor Fees Are Broken

Too many advisors charge for what they don’t do rather than for what they are doing. (By Andy Panko)

Why Trying to Quantify the Value of Roth Conversions is Futile

Many variables will fluctuate – some “potentially wildly” — from original assumptions, says this advisor. (By Andy Panko)

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