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A Near-Zero Tax Bill? No Thanks

Real tax planning is about more than just this year’s tax return; what looks like a great deal may not be. (By DJ Hunt)

Tax Savings for Your Small Business Clients

Even one-person businesses can save big on taxes with the proper guidance from a financial advisor. (By DJ Hunt)

Secure Act 2.0 Creates Big Benefits for Small Businesses

For one, they’ll be able to start a retirement plan and get a tax credit for up to 100% of the cost. But that’s not all. (By DJ Hunt)  

Roth Accounts Highly Favored in Secure 2.0

The new rules make it easier to save after-tax dollars in Roths. Whether investors should is another story, says our columnist. (By DJ Hunt)

The Roth Decision, Part 3

The recent stock-market pullback may make a Roth conversion more attractive. But that's not the deciding factor in whether to do one, says advisor DJ Hunt.

The Roth Decision, Part 2

Tax arbitrage can backfire sometimes. Consider what happened to many retirement-plan contributors a decade ago, says advisor DJ Hunt.

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Calamos Investment Team Outlook, April 2024

Markets reflected upbeat sentiment about a resilient US economy in the first quarter. (Calamos Investment Team)

Charitable Contribution Tax Scheme Ends in 8-Year Prison Sentence

The scheme, "The Ultimate Tax Plan," purported to offer high-income clients a way to reduce their taxes through false charitable deductions.

Soaring Car Insurance Costs Hit New-Car Buyers

In one of the cruel twists of an inflation-weary U.S. economy, car prices are coming down — but insurance on them is going way up.

Parents of ‘Boomerang’ Children Need Guidance

An adult child’s return to the parental home can be stressful for everyone, but an advisor can facilitate success and normalcy. (By Bryce Sanders)

Should 80-Year-Old LGBTQ+ Clients Wed?

Marriage can be a big benefit from a financial-planning perspective, and client couples need to hear why. (By Laura J. LaTourette)