Monday, May 17, 2021


Guiding Clients Through Purchasing a Vacation Home

Different lending rules and tax considerations apply to second homes. (By Scott Lindner)

Mistakes in Five Areas Cause Big Tax Bills For Divorcing Clients

Older clients with more complex assets are at particular risk. (By Kathy Costas)

What Advisors Can Learn From Triple Oscar-Winner ‘Nomadland’

Rich or poor, Americans seek purpose, direction and connections in the second half of life.

Are Your Clients and their Healthcare Agents on the Same Page?

Help them identify and reduce conflict now, before a true emergency. (By John Comer)

When Unmarried Older Couples Buy a Home

Help your client find the right threshold of protection. (By Amanda Shuman)

Planning for an International Move in Retirement

Setting up the structure is more intricate, but it can be well worth it for you and your clients. (By Luis Strohmeier)

Financing a Simple Hug: The Role of a Purchase Reverse

This mortgage strategy can make it more affordable for grandparents to move closer to grandchildren. (By Bonny Gilbert)

Caregiving is This 74-Year-Old Advisor’s Lifelong Calling

She doesn’t plan to retire her planning or nursing credentials anytime soon.

Don’t Mind the Cold? Retire to Ann Arbor, Michigan!

If the Sunbelt doesn’t excite your older clients, this thriving college town might.

COVID-19 Has Some Seniors Redoing Their Housing Wish Lists

If city life is no longer appealing, there are other viable options. (By Catherine M. Seeber)

Latest News

Boomers Would Rather Have More Money Than More Free Time, Finds Survey

Nearly one-quarter of boomers say they’d use free time to develop a skill or turn a hobby into a side hustle. (By Ravi Kumar)

Gerontologist Says More People Need Advisors Involved in Long-Term-Care Decisions

Start long-term-care conversations early so you’re not scrambling to help clients raise cash. (by Molly Prues)

Going Back to School Won’t Lead to a Better Job for the Pickleball Crowd

Clients in their 50s may fair better with a side hustle instead of another diploma. (By Beth V. Walker)

Generate ‘Relationship Alpha’ By Teaming with Your Clients’ Tax Professionals

Six strategies for advisors to add value during and well beyond tax-filing season. (By Leslie Geller)