Sunday, June 13, 2021

Dorothy Hinchcliff


Advisors Leave Retirees Asset Rich, Advice Poor

A new report says advisors are missing out on revenue by not adequately serving retirees.

Financial Literacy Reduces Money Stress, Finra Study Finds

A new report from Finra and George Washington University reveals most Americans were anxious about their finances — even before the pandemic.

Many Americans Can’t Cover Funeral Expenses

A new survey finds many Americans don’t have money set aside to cover the cost of a funeral.

How Taxes Reduce Retirement Income

Clients are likely to face double-digit tax rates on retirement income, according to a recent study.

Advisor Sees Divorce Dynamics Changing for Clients 50 and Over

Advisors are contending with new issues as more older people are getting divorced than ever before.

Some Encouraging Signs on Dementia for You and Your Clients

Recent research suggests that dementia may affect a lower percentage of people born after the World War II generation.

Clients Didn’t Get Stimulus Payments? They May Now Qualify for a Tax Credit

Even clients who didn’t qualify for those payments initially may qualify now.

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