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Optimism Bias Can Raise Financial Risk in Divorce

Prenups aren’t for everyone, says this author, but all couples should carefully weigh why they might need one. (By Peter Neuwirth)

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Recalling black swans and keeping many irons in the fire have helped him survive financially for 40-plus years. (By Peter Neuwirth)

Fear is the Enemy of Curiosity

Uncertainty is a big part of life but you don’t have to let it hijack your judgment and decision-making. (by Peter Neuwirth)

Step Up Due Diligence in an ‘Imperfect World’

A mortgage broker challenged this author’s advice for selecting service providers; fee structures don’t tell everything. (By Peter Neuwirth)  

Gift Economy Offers Multiple Ways to Repay Debts

"Debts of gratitude," paid with goods and services, can be a good option for clients on fixed incomes. (By Peter Neuwirth)

Former Poker Pro Annie Duke: Quitting is OK

Knowing “when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em,”the subject of her newest book, applies to retirement and other life choices.

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More Retirees are ‘Unretiring,’ Survey Reveals

Advisors say near-retirees and retirees are much less prepared for retirement than they think they are, according to Allspring.

Can Exercise Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

A provocative question in cancer research has been whether a regular exercise habit can prevent certain cancers from taking hold.

When Age Is Irrelevant

Observations on age and aging from Lyn Slater, a woman who became an icon after becoming an influencer later in life.

Why Wall Street Firms Are Flip-Flopping on Climate

JPMorgan, State Street and Pimco pulled out of an international coalition of money managers pushing big companies to address climate issues.

Rent Way Too High, Even In Small Towns

Small towns outside urban areas are seeing rents rise to unaffordable levels, resulting in people paying unsustainable housing bills.