Thursday, September 23, 2021

RBC Wealth Management-U.S. Appoints Culture Executive

RBC has named Shareen Luze, a 15-year veteran of the firm, as Head of Culture and Field Experience.

RBC Wealth Management-U.S. has appointed an industry veteran to a newly created, top-level position on diversity and employee wellbeing that reports to the CEO.

Shareen Luze, a 15-year veteran of the firm, has been named Head of Culture and Field Experience. In that role, she will provide oversight and advice on workplace strategy. She will also oversee and implement a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.

CEO Michael Armstrong said in a press release that Luze will ensure that respect and positivity is at the core of the company’s strategy as it accelerates its growth in the United States.

Luze noted in the release that RBC has always stressed the wellbeing of its employees and acting as a good corporate citizen. She said the firm’s new strategy is to “take that commitment to an entirely new level“ and ensure those values “are knitted into the fabric of everything we do.”

As Head of Culture and Field Experience, Luze will also serve as co-executive chair of the firm’s Diversity Leadership Council and executive sponsor of RBC Wealth Management’s Women’s Association of Financial Advisors.

Luze joined RBC in 2006 as an associate general counsel. She transitioned to human resources in 2008, and became director of the U.S. employee relations team. In 2012, she took on additional responsibilities for workplace risk management before she was appointed head of HR in 2018. In that role, Luze helped oversee the firm’s COVID-19 response and championed the creation of several benefits to help employees and their families during the pandemic.

Luze, who has spoken publicly about her battle with anxiety, also led the charge to expand mental health benefits and resources at the company. Prior to COVID-19, she was instrumental in implementing progressive benefits at RBC Wealth Management, including Milk Stork, a service for traveling mothers to safely ship breast milk home; back-up childcare and elder care.

RBC Wealth Management has $500 billion in total client assets with more than 2,000 financial advisors operating in 180 locations in 42 states.

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